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Men’s hairstyle 2023


No more superfluous at Franck Provost

Sobriety and simplicity are Franck Provost’s watchwords for 2023. In his Icône – Chapter 1 collection, men are entitled to a style that is as classic as it is effective: a short layered cut, made with a clipper . We keep barely more length on the top of the head and we clear the outline of the ears and the nape of the neck.

This kind of hairstyle is ideal for the summer, but still requires regular maintenance… especially in terms of the frequency of the cut! To perfect the style, do not hesitate to wear a 3-day beard , shorter than the hair in any case.


Men’s hairstyle 2023 – Franck Provost

Jean-Louis David: disconnect your hair!

Summer is the season of disconnection, the perfect time to forget everything (or almost). For Jean-Louis David, it is also an opportunity to “reconnect with oneself and with others”. Holy program.

If we transpose this to the hair department, this translates into a great diversity of styles, a call to let everyone’s personality express itself right down to the hair. The grunge spirit will have its say, for example, with a cut inspired by the 1990s, soft locks and a “wet look” styling spray to fix everything .

As is often the case in summer, we also find the famous combed-disheveled effect , with a gradient and crazy locks (but a minimum of structure, so as not to spoil everything!). And then, why not take advantage of sunny days to dare to (de)color ? In this coming summer of 2023, platinum hair with gray highlights is back on trend!

Men’s hairstyle 2023 – Jean-Louis David

You don’t change a style that wins at Saint-Algue

The seasons pass but Saint-Algue remains attached to the bohemian style. Thus, the “wet hair” effect and the falsely neglected aspect of summer will be able to succeed the more controlled hairstyles seen last winter. Shorter cuts too, even if you can play with the volume.

Straight or curly, the hair will evolve freely, but can also be styled backwards . With a simple movement of the hand and using the hair dryer for a natural style or with gel for a more structured result. The retro influence is obvious without being defined, plunging us into both the fifties and the nineties.

Men’s hairstyle 2023 – Saint Algue

The spirit of sharing according to Coiff & Co

At Coiff & Co, we want to remember that spring and summer are the seasons when we meet to have a good time, with friends or family. As such, you may have to opt for a matchy-matchy cut with your son, especially since male cuts lend themselves well to different hairstyles, whether you are young or not so young!

By maintaining length, you can navigate between surfer or natural style, giving movement with simple hand styling. Want to play the card of seduction? Slicked back hair is a great classic, still in vogue in 2023

Finally, for a classic and modern style, Coiff & Co puts forward a cut with different lengths on the top, well-cleared ears and styling towards the back, all accompanied by a very short beard.

Atelier Intermède awakens the gentleman in you

We must not forget that the haircut must help to highlight the face (this is the very principle of visagism ). Atelier Intermède has understood white shirts for men this well with the men’s hairstyles highlighted for the beautiful 2023 season.


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