Accessorizing for Every Occasion

The Ultimate Guide to Accessorizing for Every Occasion


Accessories have the power to instantly elevate any outfit from drab to fab. The right attention-grabbing extras can make even the simplest jeans-and-tee combination look stylishly put together. As a fashion-savvy individual, understanding the art of accessorizing is crucial for always looking your best no matter where you’re headed.

The Power of Accessories

It’s important to understand just how mighty accessories can be when it comes to personal style:

Make a Statement

From a bold pendant necklace and oversized hoops to a printed silk scarf, striking accessories really are conversation starters and head-turners. They convey confidence and flair.

Polish Any Look

Something as simple as a great cross-body bag or chic ballet flats can immediately elevate a basic tee-and-jeans combo from disorderly to crisp and presentable.

Express Your Personality

Your accessories offer the ideal way to inject more of your unique personality and individual flair into your attire. It’s akin to being able to wear exclamation points!

Create Proportions

Clever accessorizing also helps to shape physical proportions and define your figure. A strategic belt, scarf, and long necklace create more flattering sightlines.

With so much sartorial power, every woman needs a closet stocked with an arsenal of accessorizing options fit for any occasion.

Accessories for Smart Casuals

Laid-back weekend activities shouldn’t mean sloppy style. Polish up those casual daily outfits with just a few purposeful accessories:

Designer Shades

No off-duty look is complete without a quality pair of designer sunglasses. The experts over at OE Sunglasses recommend choosing a versatile frame, like classic aviators or wayfarers, in a flattering neutral hue.

Denim Jackets

These closet workhorses instantly upgrade a casual outfit by incorporating another layer and textural contrast. Go for embroidered or unique washes to stay on-trend.

Crossbody Bags

Convenient and hands free, a leather crossbody style feels just polished enough for brunch or running errands while remaining totally casual-approved.

Statement Earrings

Punch up traditionally low-key looks like tees and jeans with a dose of bold, eye-catching earrings like colored gemstones or oversize hoops.

Dressed for the Office

In most corporate environments, accessories provide opportunities for tasteful self-expression within buttoned-up dress codes. Keep things professional yet fashionable.

Classic Pumps

Every well-dressed woman should own a flawless pair of neutral pumps or closed-toe heels that can be rotated through her office wear attire.

Tailored Blazers

A precisely fitted blazer in a bold accent color or with snappy printed lining adds instant sophistication to any suit or sheath dress ensemble.

Pearl Jewelry

An elegant strand of pearls, studs, or pearled brooch conveys refinement and traditional sensibilities for more conservative offices. But keep it understated.

Silk Scarves

For a bit of tasteful flair, loop a colorful silk scarf around your neck or tie one to your handbag strap when heading to important work meetings or events.

Formal/Black Tie Affairs

For galas, weddings, and upscale evening events, special occasion accessories are a must for channeling glamor and festivities.

Embellished Clutches

Whether adorned in beads, sequins or jewels, a decorative clutch is the perfect accent to carry for black-tie celebrations when you don’t need to lug much more than lipstick and a cellphone.

Sparkling Jewels

Opulent gemstone necklaces and drop earrings make you look instantly red carpet-ready when paired with formal gowns and cocktail attire. But keep it classic and avoid overwhelming.

Luxe Hair Pieces

A jewel-encrusted headband or sleek embellished barrette adds a regal finishing touch to any upswept or long-flowing hairstyle synonymous with formal occasions.


No matter the setting or dress code, a few strategic accessories have the power to enhance both your look and confidence. Keep a curated selection of these versatile, stylish options on-hand to accessorize as needed.


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