Ordering a Customised Cake

Top Tips You Should Know Before Ordering a Customised Cake


There are numerous reasons for ordering customised cakes. Perhaps you desire a design that is unavailable at your local patisserie, or you need a cake for a special occasion and desire perfection. Regardless of your motivation, you should know a few things before placing your order to prevent your sugar appetite from taking over. Let us examine nine of the most essential points to consider.

Amount of Cake

When ordering a custom-made cake, you must specify the cake’s dimensions. Cakes are available in a variety of sizes and flavours. The dimensions of the cake will determine the price and number of servings. There are numerous reasons to keep this in mind, including the anticipated number of visitors, the type of party you are hosting, etc.

Also, custom cakes require more time to bake and decorate, so plan accordingly. You must let the confectioner know how many days in advance you require the cake. This will assist them in providing an accurate estimate.

Decoration of the Cake

Probably the most essential aspect of ordering a custom cake is the design. Indeed, this is what makes it special! Before meeting with the confectioner, you must have an idea of the cake’s appearance. If you desire custom-decorated cakes, custom photo cakes, or even simple cakes, it is ideal to have an idea before your meeting.

You can either show the baker images or describe your vision. They will then provide you with several design options from which to choose. As soon as you decide on the design, they will begin working!


The price of a custom celebration cake will depend on several factors, including the cake’s dimensions, its design, and the number of servings you require. Nevertheless, customised desserts are typically more expensive than standard cakes. This is because they take longer to prepare and may require special ingredients.

The price of a cake is also dependent on the baker you select. Be sure to do your research before making a choice, as some bakeries are more expensive than others. Always bear in mind that custom cakes require a minimum of a week’s notice, not just a phone call.


Generally speaking, custom-made cakes are delectable! This is because artisans take their time ensuring the cake is delicious. They use premium ingredients and pay close attention to every detail.

If you are unsure of the flavour, you can always request a sample before placing your order. Thus, you can be certain that you will enjoy the finished product.


If you or a member of your family has food allergies, it is essential to inform the baker. Thus, they can ensure that the cake is secure for consumption on the special occasion. There are numerous types of food allergies; therefore, you should inform the baker of any you or your visitors may have.

Most allergic reactions are caused by the cake’s constituents, such as almonds, eggs, and dairy. Some individuals may be allergic to other substances, such as food colouring or flavourings. Notify the baker of any food allergies so that they can make the necessary accommodations.


Custom pastries must be delivered with attention to prevent damage. This is why the majority of bakeries charge for delivery. The fee will depend on the required delivery distance and the quantity of the confection.

If you are having the cake delivered to a venue, let the confectioner know if there are stairs or a lift. This allows them to ensure the cake arrives securely.


Frequently, the confectioner is required to set up custom creations. They are typically enormous and require specialised equipment. This service’s fee will depend on the cake’s quantity and the configuration’s complexity.

The location where the cake will be displayed must also be considered. Notify the baker of any special instructions, such as keeping the item out of direct sunlight and away from open flames.


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