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Children’s gift ideas

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Let’s face it, kids love toys and we love giving them the ones they think they can’t live without. But we all know where most of them end up: forgotten in the bottom of the toy box and eventually given away, thrown away or sometimes passed on to siblings or other family members.

The toys that our children continue to receive for their birthdays, Christmas and other occasions keep piling up and more arrive every year.

In this article :

  • I will talk about practical gift ideas for boys and girls.
  • I’ll give you some tips on finding meaningful (and not toy) gifts for kids.
  • You will discover original gift ideas for your child;
  • I will talk about the gifts you can give your child when you don’t want to give toys;
  • I will give you gift ideas that make sense for boys and girls according to their age.

All the statistics indicate that we are crumbling under the weight of our possessions. The children have too many toys, too many clothes, too many things… and so do we. What if we decided to “minimize”?

Making the conscious decision to minimize our business is a good start, and scientific studies back it up.

A group of researchers working on a preschool without toys found that toys limit children’s creativity . They discovered that when they removed the toys, the children were more cooperative, creative and organized.

Have you ever wondered why the children who have the most toys seem to have an incessant need for more?

Have you noticed that right after receiving their birthday or Christmas toys, your children completely ignore them and start role-playing, building the huts or pretending to cook (with empty yoghurt pots rather than with the toys they received)?

Although the feeling that you have to “give your child something” is common and normal, he does not need all the toys he receives. Paradoxically, the more they receive, the more they demand.

According to Claire Lerner , child development researcher at Zero to Three, having too many toys does your child a disservice. She suggests that the less he has, the more he plays. Lerner says children who have too many toys are more likely to be more distracted.

Other researchers have also found that buying fewer but better toys can help your child develop important skills .

Children need them and they help them learn important skills.

What you can do, the next time you want to give your child a gift for their birthday or other special occasions, is to replace a few toys with experiments. This approach can help find more balance and reduce the accumulation of things.

Why giving your kids experiences for birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions is a great alternative to toys


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