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which one to choose in 5 steps


The larger your chest, the more intense the feeling of every physical exertion – whether you’re running, doing yoga, or just doing burpees. A small chest can stay in place during sporting activities – even without support – which is not the case with a fuller chest.

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Breast tissue is made up of sensitive glands, fat, and connective tissue. The breasts, as an unstable pair organ, do not alone benefit from good support. On average, the breasts rise and fall nine centimeters per step. The heavier their weight, the more the bust moves.

A good sports bra can reduce breast movement by up to . This is not only more comfortable for the person wearing it, but also preserves the elasticity of the skin and tissues. Having what is more colloquially known as “drooping breasts” thus helps to avoid, as do back problems and poor posture. In addition, the risk of chest pain, which can occur during intensive sports, is also reduced.

The advantages of the sports bra at a glance

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A sports bra:

  • Provides stability and support, even during high intensity exercise.
  • Relieves the connective tissue and supports the skin, so that the elasticity of the bust is maintained longer.
  • Distributes the weight of the bust over a larger surface in order to avoid compensations or bad postures.
  • Helps prevent chest pain during exercise.
  • Is generally “breathable” and absorbs sweat.

What makes a good sports bra?

To give your chest the support it needs during exercise, your sports bra should have the following features:

  • Be breathable, that is, absorb sweat and repel moisture from the outside.
  • Provide good wearing comfort.
  • Leave no pressure points and fit like a second skin.
  • Match your cup size and the type of sport you practice.
  • woman in sports bra rowing

How to choose your sports bra in 5 steps

From the material to the size and the closure: choosing the right sports bra means making sure that all the criteria are met.

Find out here the points to consider when buying:

1. The material

For your breasts to enjoy good support for a long time, the material that envelops them must be resistant and breathable, while being comfortable to wear. When buying, therefore, initially pay attention to the material. Most models are made of cotton, merino wool, elastane, polyester and/or polyamide or nylon.

Depending on your skin sensitivity, a mixture of microfibers is particularly recommended: it can be, for example, a mixture of polyester, nylon and elastane. This combination unites the advantages of each of the different materials.

At best, seek advice in a specialized store. To find the right bra online, before making the purchase, measure your chest circumference (along the nipples), as well as your underbust circumference (under the breasts). Once the bra or crop top is on you, you can test it by jumping on the spot. You chose it well if you feel comfortable wearing it and it doesn’t hurt you.

2. Port

A good sports bra is tight but does not compress you. When you try it, keep it a few more minutes and do some jumping. If you have marks around your chest after undressing, this is not the one for you.

Good to know: refrain from buying bras during your period. During this period, your breasts are particularly sensitive and may swell. It is not the general physical condition in which you are physically active. You may then buy a size that is too big for you.


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